The Review Process

At SEA MMA Gear Guide, we go through an independent, candid, no-holds-barred review of the gear at hand. Each review is meant to be the personal experience of the reviewer throughactual use of the gear, so you don’t just get the generic product features that you can surmise from reading the product description.

There are four main aspects that we consider when reviewing a piece of gear – aesthetics, form & fit, functionality, and affordability.


This is mainly about the look of the product and its design options. Most of this is purely subjective, so don’t judge our tastes too harshly! We may also talk about some product care that you might need to pay attention to.

Form & Fit

A major component when reviewing most gear, we strive to give you an idea of how the product fits based on the Asian physique of the reviewer. This is especially critical for many of the gears that are only obtainable through online purchases.


This aspect covers the use of the gear in regular training or day to day activities. We explore its suitability to the task at hand, how well it performs its task, and whether it’ll last a nuclear fallout.


Another critical aspect of our guide, the price and accessibility of the gear is discussed here. With availability of MMA products still limited in the region, we have to pool our resources for to share the best ways for obtaining quality gear.

4 Responses to The Review Process

  1. Shakib says:


    Would you be interested in reviewing the new Submission Light Gi?

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  2. Would you be interested in reviewing our Diamond Compression jock a cup? Please contact Craig. Thanks!

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