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FightCo MMA Grappler Packages + 50% Sale

Hey guys, now that the Holiday season is coming, there'll be a number of year-end promotions going on!

The guys at FightCo are having a special grappler's package that's not available on their website. Click on the picture above to see it large, and if you're keen, drop an email to

They're also having a 50% off sale at their website! While they don't ship international directly off their website, Paul will hook you up.

Personally, I've yet to try them out, so I can't comment on their products, but the 50% sale is a steal if you're looking for a rashguard and fightshorts combo (adds up to US $49.90 only). The grappler's package is sweet if you want some accessories and apparels to go with.

Go check it out!


I am not sponsored by this company in any way. This is just to help spread the word on possible value discounts when I see them or a company approaches us. 

Should you decide to purchase from them online, do let us know your experience. You might also want to consult the online buying guide for advice.