SEA MMA Gear Guide

Scramble Rainbow Spats Review

Sneaks: Shoyoroll Yank

More Shoyoroll goodness in the form of the navy blue Yank! Photos after the jump!

Update: Full review here.

Datsusara HCG-02 Review

Ring to Cage Single Weave BJJ Gi Review

Sneaks: Shoyoroll White Mamba

The White Mamba just arrived, and it's smoking hot! Check out the photos after the jump! Review to follow in a couple weeks.

Update: Full review here.

Ring to Cage Grappling Tights Review

Sneaks: Ring to Cage BJJ Gi

A quick look at the Ring to Cage single weave BJJ gi! Check out the photos below. It comes with a white belt, but they were kind enough to swap it for a blue belt for me instead.

Update: Full review here.

Hayabusa Pro Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

Sneaks: Datsusara HCG-02

The all black Datsusara gi is here! Now try to spot that camouflaged Mon symbol while I field-test the gi on the mats.

Tatami Fightwear Zero G Review