October Giveaway!

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The Little Details:

  • The Giveaway is open to international readers.
  • Only one winner will be chosen at random.
  • Winner is entitled to one blue SubmissionFC light gi of his preferred preferred size.
  • Proudly sponsored by SubmissionFC.
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Choke Flow

When I started this site, it was primarily with gear reviews in mind, although I did subsequently thought about including my training reflections. However, I had held back thus far to keep the site focused. Till now.

Last evening, I had the pleasure of rolling and learning from one of my idols, Shinya Aoki. Despite his bad boy rep, he’s really a friendly and down to earth chap in real life, not to mention a good instructor that pays attention to all the little details.

The last time I attended his seminar, I picked up the nuances of the d’arce choke and a little of the guillotine, though I’m not too good with some of the variations. More importantly, I started to adopt a ruthlessness to chokes that I sort of picked up based on Aoki’s approach.

Last night though, I had another relevation. Flow. We all know how important it is to flow from one technique to another, but it’s easier said than done.

In the midst of tapping out multiple times to Aoki’s chokes, my oxygen deprived brain managed to realise I was being sent to lala land by almost the same chokes, but from different positions that I ended up in during my escape attempts. The key lay in how he adapted to my movements and either adjusted the choke accordingly or simply swept me with the choke still locked in. In essence, he flowed from position to position with the same choke.

This was huge to me, as I had recently added the guillotine to my game and is now my go-to submission. I actively hunt for it from every top position and find it super effective for passing half-guard to mount. Now I’m starting to realise that mastering the guillotine goes beyond knowing the right angle to crank from, but the whole host of transitions that can happen with the choke still locked in, and of course, the finish.

My game is heavily submission based, I prefer to attack for subs whenever I can instead of improving position. That usually left me with only two options when I had a choke hold that couldn’t finish. Either I continued to crank and burn out my limbs, or I released the hold and transition to something else. Now I’m determined to work on the third – sweeping or improving position with the same hold.

It’s a mindset approach really. I’m terrible at recalling specific techniques, so most times I rely on broad principles to guide me. E.g. crush carotid arteries – blood choke, crank arm at 90 degrees – shoulder lock, trap posting arm and leg – sweep. I don’t really care what method I use to get there, as long as I get there.

So now, I’ll probably be broadening my perspective to include things like chokehold on head – no base on one side – possible sweep or finish.

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Reevo R9 War Hammer Review

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Black Eagle Raptor Pre-production Model Impressions

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Sneaks: Black Eagle Raptor Pre-production Model

The Raptor has arrived at long last! Black Eagle’s latest gi offering is a limited edition model that comes with a rashguard lining and some awesome details. This is a pre-production model, meaning that there will be some changes made to the final product, but it’s already looking great.

A few quick comments on first impression – the rashguard lining makes a significant comfort difference, and I really mean significant. I feel like I’m wearing a silk jacket instead! If your body type is like mine, this is PERFECT fit. It’s slightly longer on the sleeves than the Predator reviewed earlier, which had its sleeves slightly short for me. There’s also a mix and match option of gi jacket and pants for those in between sizes.

If this gi blows you away just as it blew me away, you can pre-order them here at Black Eagle’s site. Click through the link to see more photos of the other colours courtesy of Meerkatsu.

A more thorough preview/review will follow after some rolling, but in the meantime, enjoy the photos.

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July Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to lucky winner Ryan! Please email your size and address to seammagear@gmail.com.

Stay tuned for more next month!

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PunchTown Kruris mk II Review

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