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Keiko Raca Limited Gi Review

Sneaks: Scramble Ichiban Gi

Photos of the Scramble Ichiban gi! The dark navy blue and yellow accents make for one sweet looking gi. More photos after the jump!

Sneaks: Shoyoroll Yin

Had this for awhile, but kept forgetting to post up the photos. Not the easiest to capture with the white on white, but here you go! More photos after the jump!

Shoyoroll Batch #12 Preview

Shoyoroll has announced its new Batch #12 gis! Unfortunately, they seem to be set for release in June/July 2012, so there's still a long wait. Here's the lowdown.

The Ring Specs:

  • Lightweight PRO Pearl Weave Jacket
  • Lightweight Poly/Cotton Pants
  • Color ways of Black with Purple and Grey Trims

SYR's first athlete series release of 2012. They are introducing a Brand New PRO Pearl Weave Fabric along with a new lightweight Poly/Cotton Blend pants that are both light and durable to offer an amazing blend for guard players and competitors.

The Rio Koi Specs:

  • Lightweight Standard Pearl Weave Jacket
  • 10 oz Drill Cotton Pants with Gold Weave Gusset
  • Color ways of White with Green and Yellow Trims

An artist series release by John Smalls who designed the White Mamba. The designs and color ways are influenced by the birth place of BJJ (Rio De Janiero, BRAZIL) and design pattern blend of a Japanese inspired Koi with a Water Dragon (2012). There will also be pattern art hits in different parts of the kimono.

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Shoyoroll GUMA Member’s Gi

Looks like the first one is in production already. Here's the specs for the members-only limited gi.

The 1751 Specs:

  • 450 Gram Pearl Weave Jacket
  • 10 oz Drill Cotton Pants
  • Color ways of Navy Blue & Light Grey throughout the kimono

ETA in April/May. All kimonos will come with a hand numbered gi bag, as well as hidden prints not shown in the mock up. Less than 200 pieces will be released.

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2011 BJJ Gi Survey Results

Wanna know what people thought was the best BJJ gi in 2011? Check out this detailed in-depth survey on Aesopian!

Click through for the detailed breakdown on the stats, and to see where the other brands stand after the 20th place

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