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Venum Fury Fight Shorts Review

FightCo MMA Grappler Packages + 50% Sale

Hey guys, now that the Holiday season is coming, there'll be a number of year-end promotions going on!

The guys at FightCo are having a special grappler's package that's not available on their website. Click on the picture above to see it large, and if you're keen, drop an email to

They're also having a 50% off sale at their website! While they don't ship international directly off their website, Paul will hook you up.

Personally, I've yet to try them out, so I can't comment on their products, but the 50% sale is a steal if you're looking for a rashguard and fightshorts combo (adds up to US $49.90 only). The grappler's package is sweet if you want some accessories and apparels to go with.

Go check it out!


I am not sponsored by this company in any way. This is just to help spread the word on possible value discounts when I see them or a company approaches us. 

Should you decide to purchase from them online, do let us know your experience. You might also want to consult the online buying guide for advice.

Guest Post: Ronin Fight Wear Review by Bendoesmartialarts


Every once in awhile, we'll feature guest posts by fellow friends or reviewers. Here's a quick look at the Musashi t-shirt from Ronin Fight Wear, based in Malaysia. You can check out the full review at Bendoesmartialarts - Ronin Fight Wear.

Sneaks: RVDDW Gi

A little something to tantalise your kimono-connoisseur taste buds. I've had this baby for awhile, but still waiting for a special occasion to break this one out. Look out for this gi review, coming out real soon, I hope! 

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Sneaks: GC Kimono

A quick preview of what's to come. Just got this in the mail recently, will update after a few washes and a couple of rolls in it.

Down with the sniffles and a busy schedule, so may not be able to update as soon as I like. In the meantime, look good and train hard guys!