How You Can Help

If you like the reviews here or like the concept and would like to contribute to the cause, there are several ways you help!

For fellow gear enthusiasts:

1. Share pricing and availability information.
We’re based in Singapore, so the prices will mainly be in SGD and USD. However, do feel free to share your local prices if you’re located anywhere in SEA. That way, your fellow countrymen can benefit, and those of us paying a visit to neighbouring countries can also pick up some gear if it’s cheaper or available.

2. Donate gear or funds.
A review site is only as good as the number or products it reviews, and we’re constantly sourcing for more. Any help in terms of gear or funds will be greatly appreciated as this site is run on passion and interest.

3. Be vocal.
Express your likes and dislikes for any product reviewed as well as your experiences in the comments. A review is only one person’s experience, and needs more people’s opinions to round it off. Let’s make the SEA voice heard by the gear manufacturers and let them know our plight!

For gear manufacturers or retailers

1. Offer discounts or promotions.
Let us know what’s the latest offers and discounts you have that are easily accessible to those of us in SEA. Give our gear enthusiasts a chance to get affordable equipment, and let them spread the word for you. It’s a win-win situation!

2. Sponsor equipment for reviews.
This is a great way to let everyone know about your latest products and why it’s so awesome. We remain committed to providing honest, independent reviews, so you can hear what the end-users feel about your products and make them even more awesome.

3. Exclusive previews or other collaborations.
Anything else you can do to help make your gear more accessible and affordable to us in SEA, we’ll do our best to help you out as well!

Drop us anĀ email if you’d like to contribute in any way!

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