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RVDDW Flash Double Weave Gi Review

Sneaks: Shoyoroll 7th Son

Finally got my grubby mitts on one SYR to see what the hype is all about. If nothing else, the colours are sweet! Out of the bag, there were some pleasant surprises and some minor disappointments. More when the full review is out!

Tatami Fightwear Estilo Premier Gi Review

Storm Typhoon Gi Review

Guest Post: Black Eagle BJJ Gi Review by Bendoesmartialarts


This time round, our friend Ben presents a lay down on the Black Eagle gold weave BJJ gi. Do check out the full review at Bendoesmartialarts - Black Eagle BJJ Gi.

Sneaks: RVDDW Gi

A little something to tantalise your kimono-connoisseur taste buds. I've had this baby for awhile, but still waiting for a special occasion to break this one out. Look out for this gi review, coming out real soon, I hope! 

Ground Control Platinum 350 Gi Review

Gameness 2010 Pearl Weave Gi Review

Sneaks: GC Kimono

A quick preview of what's to come. Just got this in the mail recently, will update after a few washes and a couple of rolls in it.

Down with the sniffles and a busy schedule, so may not be able to update as soon as I like. In the meantime, look good and train hard guys!