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Sneaks: Tatami Estilo 4.0 Prototype Gi

Tatami's releasing the 4.0 version of their Estilo series soon. Here's a quick peek at the prototype gi. Do note that the final production version will NOT have a rubber waistband.

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Sneaks: Shoyorol 1751

Here's some photos of the Shoyoroll GUMA members exclusive gi. More photos after the jump.

Honey Badger Gi Review

Sneaks: Honey Badger Gi

The Honey Badger is here at last to tear the place up! Don't leave it alone in the closet with your other gis, or you might find only one survivor the next time you check in!

More photos after the jump, and full review to come.

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Sneaks: Scramble Ichiban Gi

Photos of the Scramble Ichiban gi! The dark navy blue and yellow accents make for one sweet looking gi. More photos after the jump!

Sneaks: Shoyoroll Yin

Had this for awhile, but kept forgetting to post up the photos. Not the easiest to capture with the white on white, but here you go! More photos after the jump!