Gear Guide: Origins

Hi guys! Being an avid MMA fan, I love buying and collecting gear from different brands. After scouring the shops and websites, there’s a satisfying feeling of purchasing a piece of gear that actually looks good in real life (not just product photos), fits snugly, and performs well in training.

However, not all purchases go that smoothly, and occasionally we all get a lemon. This site was setup to share reviews about the different products out there and help you make the best decision on how to spend your hard-earned cash! After all, not all of us are sponsored fighters, sadly.

Learn from my experiences and let me suffer so you don’t have to! Being a relatively small Asian (169cm, 62kg), I’ll cover fit and form of the different products to our smaller Asian build, and give pointers to where you might be able to get cheaper gear without paying an arm or a leg for shipping.

Hopefully with our collective voices, we’ll finally be heard and make headway to bringing affordable and accessible MMA products to SEA.

This site is meant for sharing, so if you have a review or a product you want reviewed, let me know! Sponsors can also drop us anĀ email for gear reviews or banner ads.

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  1. nice to see other MMA fan in the region. and i agree we need affordable mma (and bjj) stuff in the area.

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