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PunchTown Kruris mk II Review


If you haven't heard of PunchTown by now, these guys are a UK-based MMA company that produces some sick looking gear. This time, we have the Kruris mk II shin instep guards on hand!

Official Specs:

  • Fracture skeletal design
  • High-quality Cowhide leather construction
  • Extra thick (1”) FirmFoam technology padding for extra confidence
  • Double wrap, upper leg Velcro strapping
  • Ultra-comfortable compression back sleeve


The Kruris come in black, with the iconic Fracture design on it. Since these are shin pads, they aptly feature an X-ray vision of your shin bones, making it a very unique looking pair of shin guards. While it's nowhere as fanciful as their MMA gloves, it still has a cool understated look to it. Subtle, but different.

The PunchTown word logo is also printed on the instep area and at the back on the neoprene material. Unlike their MMA gloves though, the designs on the shin guards are all printed on. The print is thick and solid, so it'll take awhile before any signs of fading or cracking will show.

Form & Fit

The shin instep guards come in S, M, L and XL sizes, covering for shin lengths of 10.0", 10.5", 11.0" and 11.5" respectively. To be honest, I'm not too sure where my shin bones start and end exactly, but I took the measurements of the area of my shin I wanted the shin guard to cover, which came up to approximately 10.5", so I opted for a medium. The actual shin area covered by the shin guard is 11.0" which was just right for me.

On first fitting, I had some difficulties putting on the shin guard. Initially I thought it could be due to the size being too small, but I soon realised it was because the foam had yet to mold to my shin. After a couple of sessions, once the foam had curved to my shin, putting it on was a breeze.

The strapping system is a dual velcro strap system for securing the top of the shin guard, which should be more than sufficient since the rest of the guard is held on my the stretchy neoprene back sleeve. There's also an elastic strap on the instep area to loop around the foot and keep the instep from flapping around during kicks.


I have a preference for MMA style grappling shin guards instead of traditional Thai shin guards even in Muay Thai sparring simply because they are more comfortable and do not shift much even when blocking hard kicks. The Kruris delivers excellently in this aspect. The neoprene sleeve keeps the shin guard in place and prevents shifting, making it great for grappling and sparring. It also holds the shin guard comfortably without the irritation of straps across the back of the calves as with Thai style shin guards.

Padding is great for this style of shin guards, which I've usually come to accept as generally thinner and less shock absorbent to compensate for lightness and less bulk for grappling. Not so for the Kruris. The foam feels solid and firm, absorbing even some of the hard kicks I received with little problem, while still maintaining the slim, lightweight grappling profile. The instep foam is also much thicker than other shin guards I've encountered, making it great protection against the occasional accidental strike on the instep.

Construction quality of the shin guard is sturdy and well reinforced. The neoprene is decently thick without getting to warm when worn, while the seam along the back of the sleeve has a very solid stitching. One notable feature is the reinforcement of the bottom end of the sleeve with a piece of leather, a stress point that has torn on a previous shin guard of mine due to constant stretching and pulling when putting on the shin guards.


The Kruris go for GBP 33.33 (SGD 66) without VAT on the official store and ship for another GBP 12.03 (SGD 24) to this region. They are also available in the US at MMA Warehouse for USD 72.99 (SGD 88) without shipping. The price point is slightly below some of the other name brands out there, giving it a great bang for buck if you want something special looking while still maintaining great quality.


The PunchTown Kruris mk II is a quality shin instep guard for both grappling and regular sparring. The fact that it looks cool is just a bonus!


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