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The Great Monthly Giveaway!

That's right! Rub your eyes again, but it's true! We're doing a giveaway, and it's dead simple to take part in!

The Little Details:

  • The Giveaway is open to international readers.
  • Only one winner will be chosen at random.
  • Winner is entitled to one pair of brand new shorts in his preferred size.
  • In the event that the preferred size is unavailable, a similar product will be offered.
  • Proudly sponsored by MMAHQ.
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  1. I havent tried Jaco’s yet… but i saw one of the pants from THATMMASHOP, the material’s great! Damnnn great!! Hope i win..

  2. This is a wonderful contribution of SEAMMA back to the MMA Scene! Cheers! =)

  3. These shorts are really light, can’t wait to try them on.

  4. what a nice little giveaway! kudos to SEA MMA Gear Guide :)

  5. Wow!Awesome!:D.Loving this site!And, anyone tried amateur hybrid throwdown gloves?is it good?

  6. Well, here I am commenting on this post (gonna be honest, I’m one of those guys hoping to win this shorts!)! :D since I’m already commenting, this is to all the first-timers on this site! this is one hell of a site. hahahha all it’s reviews are really helpful (: so enjoy guys (: cheers

  7. cool site, and nice reviews!

  8. What a generous, kind offer!

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