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Nogi Velox Rashguard Review


The Velox is Nogi Industries' offering for their rashguard line-up, and allows you to show off your rank. More importantly, it's also IBJJF approved for the avid competitors.

Official Specs:

  • Fully sublimated artwork
  • Breathable side vents will keep you cooler during training
  • Approved for use in IBJJF events (Nogi Worlds, Nogi Pan, Nationals)
  • Proudly made in the USA!


The Velox rashguard comes in 5 different colours, according to the 5 belt ranks, and have both short and long sleeve variants. The colours are displayed on the sleeves, while the chest and back are black. Whether you're competing or just want to show your rank on the mats, these rashguards send the message across loud and clear. If you're like me, and not all that particular about rank, the 5 choices offer great colour options to match with your other gear.

The Nogi logo is featured across the chest with the words in white, but the logo in the rank colour of the rashguard. The L in Velox printed on the back of the rashguard is similarly themed with the rank colour.

All the logos are sublimated, meaning that they will not peel or crack, and are unlikely to fade easily. The blue on my rashguard looks great, with a bright and vibrant hue.

Form & Fit

The rashguard comes with a handy size chart, helping to cut some of the guesswork out of the picture. Based on the chart, I fit into an S size with my height of 169cm and weight of 61kg. The fit is just nice on the arms and chest and are snug on the shoulders and under the armpits. It loosens up somewhat below the chest. Since I like my rashguards snug but not tight, this is just right for me. The cut of the rashguard is slightly V shape, and can accomodate broader chested people.

Sleeves are fairly long and extend past my wrist, bunching up a little around my wrist and arms when worn. So unless you have freakishly long arms, the length should be more than sufficient. The rashguard also extends a good bit below my hips, making it harder for the material to ride up during rolls.

The rashguard does loosen up after several washes, so do remember to put it into a small laundry bag for delicates if you want to extend the life of the rashguard. Otherwise it might get overstretched in the machine during the spin cycle.


The rashguard is fairly breathable and light, and unrestrictive in movement. It's 100% polyester, which might be slightly less elastic than some of the other blends, but it's nothing I'd notice during rolling. It remains fairly cool even when worn under gi, and is great for nogi grappling. The mesh panel just below the armpits helps it breathe a little better in addition to the rashguard's moisture wicking ability.

Like any decent rashguard, it features flatlock seams and Raglan sleeves to minimise abrasion and improve mobility. The rashguard is made from 10 panels due to the addition of the mesh panel at the sides. The collar is slightly wider than some of my other rashguards though, and if you're used to a higher/tighter collar, this might feel a little different at first. However, this boils down to preference on the type of collar you like.

During grappling, there's the occasional rolling up of the sleeves but I've not had the rashguard ride up my stomach.


The rashguard retails for USD $49.95 on the official website for the long sleeve version and USD $5 cheaper for the short sleeve version. You can also get it fromĀ Budovideos. The prices are slightly cheaper than other rashguard offerings out there, making it an affordable option.


Whether you need something to compete in or just for daily training, the Nogi Velox rashguard is a good option to consider.


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