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Nogi HD Fight Shorts Review


Nogi Industries produces a variety of quality grappling gear, and this time we have the HD fight shorts to check out!

Official Specs:

  • Triple stitched throughout to provide an unprecedented degree of durability, comfort, and true fit
  • Split seam design to promote optimum mobility
  • An internal mouth piece pocket
  • 4 way stretch material reinforced crotch
  • New elasticated rear waist band with hip-catches to insure a perfect fit
  • Stylish embroidered and PVC logos all through
  • Super heavy-duty design


When they called the shorts HD, I couldn't help but wonder if it was referring to the eye-popping contrast in the design that really stands out in its clarity with the simple black and white theme.

The shorts features the words Nogi Industries embroidered large across the front, and HD on the bottom left of the shorts. There's also the Nogi logo behind. The embroidery work is solid and thick, giving it a sort of 3D look that helps it pop visually. There's also a PVC logo on the waistband strap. As an added design element, there's also black contrast piping on the shorts.

The HD comes in two colour variants, the white one featured here, and a black one that features an inverted colour scheme.

Form & Fit

Running from size 28 to 42, Nogi has sizes to fit a wide range of waists, including my scrawny 28. The shorts are quite true to size, and fit a little like the Sprawl Fusion Stretch.

The tightening system here is pretty robust, including the standard drawstring and velcro strap, as well as an elasticated waistband only at the back.

This is a nice touch since it has the benefits of an elastic to keep the shorts tight, but without the constricting feeling over the tummy with an all around elastic waistband. However, the waistband feels a little too tight for me, and I've had to stretch it several times during training to loosen it a little. This will probably loosen over time with more washes and rolls.

To further keep the shorts in place, Nogi has included two patches of rubber grippy material on the inside of the waistband to prevent the shorts from slipping down. There's also a very convenient feature of a little PVC tab on the end of the strap that makes it easier to unstrap the shorts.

The shorts length is just nice for me, ending above my knees for my height of 169cm.


The HD feels extremely tough and durable. In fact, one of the first thing a teammate did when he saw it was to make that comment and try to rip it. Of course he failed miserably. The shorts feel a little heavier than the Volt 2.0, but it's a worthy trade-off for that extra toughness. The outside of the shorts also feel a little rougher, although the inside lining is silky smooth.

Mobility is great in this pair of shorts, and I do not feel restricted in movement, be it during scrambles for position or even when using them for sparring. The shorts are a little bottom heavy towards the ends, reducing the flapping of the split seams when moving around. The shorts sport a narrower profile that reduces flaring at the sides unlike wider cuts.

With the rubber grip on the inside of the waistband, coupled with the elasticated waistband, the shorts does not shift at all during regular rolling. There's also a stretch panel for that added mobility and flexibility.

One thing I did notice in the initial sessions was the big Nogi embroidery on my thigh. Given how thick the embroidery is, it's inevitable that it feels a little stiff at first. However, it's a minor annoyance, and softens up after multiple washes such that it's barely noticeable.

The shorts construction is solid, with triple stitching all over and an additional layer at the shorts cuff.


Officially priced at USD $58.95 on the Nogi website or on Budo, the shorts are very reasonably priced for the features it has. It is still more affordable than many other brand names out there with similar features.


The Nogi HD fight shorts comes with a load of features that make it a great pair of grappling and MMA shorts, and the stark colour scheme gives it a striking look as well. This is definitely a pair of shorts that will be of great value for your hard-earned cash.


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