PunchTown Karpal eX TAT2 Series 02 MMA Gloves Review


PunchTown is back again with the second generation of their awesome Karpal eX Tat2 MMA gloves, bring along a range of improvements as well as spanking new designs! This is a revamp from their previous glove reviewed here.

Official Specs:

  • New, highest-grade leather construction
  • TAT2 design – World-first advanced leather detailing and durability technology
  • BOA-TITE™ Dual independent strap for eXtreme secure fit
  • Ultra smooth inner lining for comfort and protection
  • New improved 3-part foam inner construction for strike confidence


The PunchTown gloves sport one of the meanest and badass designs that I’ve ever seen on a pair of MMA gloves, and Series 02 introduces two new designs, the Kanji which is photographed in this review, and Chainz. Like the previous iteration, the artwork is inked into the leather, and will not fade easily.

The artwork on the Kanji glove is impressive, the colours are deep and dark, yet able to show of subtle details. This is especially evident given how the Kanji design sports more subtle shadows and tones compared to the more straightforward Carbon design.

The PunchTown logo inked along the little finger is unobtrusive, adding a nice design motif to the glove. The larger wrist strap has also been updated from an woven label to a printed on logo on the leather to reduce wear and fraying of a cloth label. If you plan to get one of the other designs like Carbon, this is the tell-tale sign to see if you’ve received a Series 01 or 02. The smaller wrist strap remains the same, with the synthetic Boa-Tite label sewn on to the strap.

Out of the original 9 designs in Series 01, only 3 are currently available in Series 02, namely Carbon, Medusa, and Black Fracture. The Black Fracture artwork seems to have received a little refresh as the skull looks a little meaner now with blood splatter on one of the eye sockets.

Form & Fit

In my previous review, I went for an S size and it was a little tight initially. This time I decided to try for an M to make a comparison and see which fit better. I had already tried a friend’s M size for the Series 01, and still preferred the tighter fit on the S size, but it’s always better to try it out in training.

With the Series 02, the leather is a lot more pliable, and M size came out feeling a little too big. I suspect with the new S size will fit awesome right out of the bag. However, the M size perfect for wearing wraps under, and good for those who do wrap under their MMA gloves. Below are photos of the glove with a 180″ Everlast wraps under.

The Boa-Tite dual strap system is my favourite among all the gloves I’ve tried so far, as each strap can be adjusted individually on the fly. I usually like to strap on the smaller strap loosely, and tighten the larger strap first, and adjust the smaller strap until it makes the right fit. If the glove shifts or gets too tight during training, it’s a simple task to simply readjust the smaller strap again. Most other dual strap systems are more cumbersome and require unstrapping both straps. Photos below are from Series 01, but there’s no change in the Series 02 gloves.

With the improved leather, the glove is so much more pliable and it’s easy to make a fist with little effort. This is a major improvement over Series 01 with little need to break it in this time. The glove uses an open palm and thumb loop system.


The one thing I instantly noticed when I received my gloves was the lack of a small pouch that came with the Series 01. Could be just my set, but I do hope the gloves still come with a pouch. It’s one of those things that don’t seem like much, but makes a big deal of difference to me. It adds a great deal of convenience when digging around for equipment.

As mentioned in the previous review, the wrist support for this glove is superb. There is no wiggle room at all once the glove is properly tightened. Properly sized, the strap do not extend past the velcro patches, making it good for grappling work as the straps are less likely to snag on material.

With the improved leather and foam, the glove requires no breaking in at all this time. The padding is nowhere as hard as the Series 01, but still provide great protection. However, these are fight gloves, so will be better used for MMA techniques and light padwork than any form of sparring.


The gloves cost GBP 41.66 (SGD 84) without VAT (you’ll need to select your country at the checkout page first to see the adjusted price) from the official store, and shipping to this region is another GBP 12 (SGD 24). It’s a little pricey compared to other MMA gloves, but not by a significant margin. Considering the quality of the gloves and the design, it’s a worthy trade-off. The only strange thing is the lack of shipping option to Singapore despite being available to Malaysia.

Alternatively, you can also get it from MMA Warehouse in the US.


The PunchTown Karpal eX TAT2 is already an awesome pair of gloves, and Series 02 is a great improvement on it. With these gloves, you’l ensure your opponent see more than just stars when you send them down to sleepy town.


All comments in the review are my own personal opinion. Prices provided in brackets are merely for reference and are based on exchange rates at the time of writing.

If you like this review and found it helpful, please post a comment or let the company or retailer know too. Should you decide to purchase them online, you might want to consult the online buying guide for advice.

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10 Responses to PunchTown Karpal eX TAT2 Series 02 MMA Gloves Review

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  2. Jeppe says:

    Hi, I was wondering what your hand size is, meassured around knuckle area.

    Because, I should fit the medium size, but it seems so that my fingers are a little to short, and maybe the glove also is a tiny bit to wide.

    Is there a difference in the length of the S and M, of your gloves?

    Ps. I’m also asian descent, so thought it could be well comparised. :)

    • seammagear says:

      Hey man, there’s a difference in the length of about an inch, but my S are the series 01 while the M are series 02, so I’m not sure if there’s been a change in cutting as well. I say this because the length increase isn’t proportionately distributed around, but there’s a longer distance from the foam padding to the wrist strap. Width is wider by about half an inch. Forming a loose fist, my knuckle circumference is about 21cm. If I had to go again, I’d probably go for S again though. Hope that helps.

  3. Michael says:

    I had a question about these mma gloves, I’m buying my first pair ever and I’m unsure about the size to get. My hand around the knuckles measures at about 20 cm maybe just a little over so I wasn’t sure whether to get the small or medium. Also I was wondering if I go with the medium if that will leave me the option of wearing hand-wraps when I want to and not wearing hand-wraps for light sparring. I appreciate your help thanks.

    • seammagear says:

      Hmm, since your hands are similar to mine, you’d want to consider whether you’ll be using hand wraps often or not. The M is a little large for me, though works well with wraps. S is snug without wraps, so you’ll probably need to wear thinner wraps.

      • Michael says:

        Ok so a small would be good for no wraps and medium would be good for wraps correct? Also I’m buying from mmawarehouse and their sizing chart is as follows:Available in S (7.5 – 8 in. [18.5 - 20 cm]), M (8 – 8.5 in. [20 - 21.5 cm])

        With my hand sizing being a little over 20 I’m unsure which would be the best to purchase because of the top end of the small size and the low end of the medium. Suggestions? Still go with the small for no wraps and medium for wraps. Thank you so much for you input I really appreciate the help. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

        • seammagear says:

          Yes, I still think small without wraps, medium with wraps. You could see if MMAWarehouse allows you to exchange within a fix period of time if you just try the gloves but don’t use it in training. That way you do a fitting to see what works best.

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