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Nogi Volt 2.0 Grappling Shorts Review


Nogi Industries is an MMA brand that produces a number of slick looking grappling gear. With their new 2011 line-up, they've upgraded their Volt grappling shorts to 2.0.

Official Specs:

  • Crotch fashioned from super-strong 4 way stretch material
  • Color accented piping
  • Embroidered logos throughout
  • Durable PVC logo above the fly


The Volt 2.0 is a nice looking pair of shorts that manages to remain slick without screaming for attention. It comes in either gray or navy blue, and has fully embroidered logos on the shorts.

You can see 'O' and the Nogi text logo on the front of the shorts, and another Nogi logo on the back of the shorts. The embroidery is a departure from the usual printed designs, and is fairly thick, giving it a slight 3D pop-out effect as a nice touch. There's also a small PVC logo on the strap that's sewn on.

Overall, the understated design makes it a good alternative to the flashier designs out there, and the choice of embroidery will ensure it lasts through many a training session.

Form & Fit

The shorts comes in sizes from 28 to 42, which is always delightful when they have my natural 28. They are true to size, so I'm able to fit just right into the 28 without being too tight or too loose.

The shorts have no elastic waistband, and rely on the velcro strap and drawstrings for tightening. When sized correctly, this is more than sufficient. I do not have to make much adjustments when wearing the shorts, barely tightening the drawstring just so the drawstring doesn't move all over the place during grappling.

One nice touch that I've not seen in other shorts is the little PVC tab that sticks out at the end of the strap to make it easier to unstrap the shorts.

The shorts reach just above my knees, a good height for me as I dislike shorts that are too long.


The shorts feel great when worn, light and snug. The material is a little stiff initially but softens up after washing and using. However, it definitely feels tough and durable to withstand the rigours of grappling and the occasional shorts pulling.

Designed as grappling shorts, there are no split seams presumably because there's no need for kicks. However, that doesn't deter from the mobility in these shorts. I've used them for sparring and have no issues throwing high kicks. The lack of split seams prevents the flapping of the shorts when running around, which is something I appreciate. The shorts also have a narrower profile which prevents the shorts from flaring sideways like some of the wider cuts.

The shorts work great during grappling with minimal shifting despite the lack of elastic waistband. The stretch panel provides sufficient flexibility for playing a guard game and does not restrict movement at all.

Construction of the shorts is good, with triple stitching at all the seams, definitely a work horse built to last.


The shorts retail for USD $44.95 (SGD $56) on the official Nogi website and on Budo without shipping. It's less pricey than many of the other fight shorts out there, and is a good choice if you're looking to use it mostly for grappling.


The Nogi Volt 2.0 is a great pair of grappling shorts that looks good while remaining very functional, made even more attractive by its affordable pricing.


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