Hayabusa Pro Jiu Jitsu Gi Review


Given Hayabusa’s ever widening range of MMA products, it was only a matter of time before they finally expanded into the BJJ Gi market. They’ve made some interesting choices with this gi, and like many recent products, are bound to generate discussion and split opinions on both sides of the fence.

Official Specs:

  • Revolutionary High Performance Triple Weave Ripstop Fabric
  • Unmatched quality, durability and comfort
  • Unrestricted shoulder range of motion
  • Pre-shrunk for an ideal fit
  • Tailored Multi-Piece Anterior and single back paneling
  • Performance Stretch Inseam panel
  • Reinforced chest, upper back, shoulders and knees


One look at the gi and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not for the faint-hearted. The sheer boldness of the embroidery alone will get most people loving or hating it. The gi comes with a nice gi bag, with the Hayabusa Kanji embroidered with silver threads, while the Hayabusa logo is printed on.

The gi itself is white with black contrast stitching, while the gi top has the same dragon motif on the Mizuchi line of rashguard and shorts, extending from the front to the back. Personally, I love the dragon motif and that it’s embroidered on, but there are others others who find this over the top. It’s a daring design decision by Hayabusa, as this alone can make or break the gi for many, and the design cannot be removed unlike patches.

If you can get past the dragon motif, there’s also the Hayabusa logo embroidered across the left, as well as the cool looking lapel patch that features a rising sun. The inside of the gi where the chest and upper back are reinforced have a honeycomb pattern on it, while the shoulders have the Hayabusa Kanji embroidered on. The trim of the skirt has a taping with the Hayabusa logo repeated across, and this is featured on the inside of the sleeve cuffs too, but not for the pant leg cuffs.

The back is equally awesome, showing the dragon motif in its full glory!

Comparatively speaking the gi pants is a lot tamer, with just the Hayabusa logo down the left pant leg.

Overall, the gi design sure comes across as loud, but the craftsmanship is excellent. Every stitching looks great and makes the design really pop out in person. Photos might not do it as much justice as it simply looks much cooler in real life.

Form & Fit

The gi runs from A0-A4, and I fell right in the middle of their A1 at 169cm and 61kg. From past experiences with Hayabusa gear, they’ve always been a little large on me, giving me a loose cut. With the gi I was afraid that A1 might end up being baggy for me as well. Fortunately, the cutting of this gi was pretty good and fit me well.

Here’s their size chart reproduced with metric for convenience.

Gi Size
5’2-5’5 (~158-165cm)
100-125 lbs (~45-57kg)
5’5-5’8 (~165-173cm)
125-150 lbs (~57-68kg)
5’8-5’11 (~173-180cm)
150-180 lbs (~68-82kg)
5’11-6’2 (~180-188cm)
180-215 lbs (~82-98kg)
6’2 and up (~188cm and up)
215 lbs and up (~98kg and up)

Initially, the length of the pants and sleeves were a little too long for my taste, but after washing they were just right, and it was a pleasant surprise for me. Even the armpits were pretty nicely cut, not baggy like some of my other gis that feel a bit judo-ish, at the same time not so snug until it restricts movement. The minor complain is that it seems to be made for a guy with a slightly bigger chest, so the front tends to pop out a bit whenever the gi rides up the belt.

Since it’s a preshrunk gi, the shrinkage after several cold washes and hang drying is minimal. Some pre and post wash measurements.

Gi Top
Sleeve to Sleeve
Chest width
Gi length (collar to skirt)
Arm width (at armpits)
Cuff width (at sleeves)
Gi Pants
Pant width
Pant length
Cuff width (at leg)


Hayabusa touts the gi as a Triple Weave Ripstop Fabric, and this may end up causing some amounts of confusion. For one, the triple weave refers to the ripstop weave, rather than a weave even thicker than a double weave. And while it is indeed a ripstop weave, it’s not the typical waxy canvas material used for lightweight ripstop pants, but a slightly heavier soft cotton material.

While the gi is fairly lightweight, there’s a heavy duty feel to it because of the ripstop weave. The weave itself makes the gi feel a little rougher than what I’m used to, although it’s not stiff at all and is quite flexible. The flexible material coupled with the slightly loose sleeve cuff did lead to my partners having better grips on my sleeves though, although it also facilitated Ezekiel chokes, so I guess this is up to personal preference.

The pants feel like an in between of lightweight ripstop pants and the regular twill cotton pants. It’s heavier than ripstop, but lighter than most of my other cotton pants. There’s also a stretch panel in white, which feels similar to their rashguard material.

Strangely, they’ve elected to use a flat drawstring with just two loops. The drawstring is made of the same ripstop weave, which actually increases the friction between the drawstring and the pants, making it much harder to tighten after a wash. On the upside, it will hold the pants in place without loosening once it’s properly tied up, but I’d rather swap it for a cord drawstring for ease of adjustment.

Collar thickness is average, on par with the Tatami Estilo and Storm Typhoon. The ripstop weave is used on the collar as well, giving it slightly rough grip.

The gi is reinforced in all the necessary places, and I highly doubt this gi will fall apart anytime soon. This thing is built like a tank!


Costing a whopping US $199 (SGD $251) without shipping, this gi doesn’t come cheap. That said, there isn’t any gi built like this when it comes to design and quality. It comes down to whether the aesthetics appeal to you enough for you to fork out the extra moolah. If you’re so inclined, you can get it from Budovideos.


The Hayabusa Pro Jiu Jitsu Gi is a workhorse that is eye-catching at the same time, although the hefty price tag and the bold design might not be for everyone.

For more photos, you can visit the earlier sneak preview.

All comments in the review are my own personal opinion. Prices provided in brackets are merely for reference and are based on exchange rates at the time of writing.

If you like this review and found it helpful, please post a comment or let the company or retailer know too. Should you decide to purchase them online, you might want to consult the online buying guide for advice.

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38 Responses to Hayabusa Pro Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

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  2. manh-tu nguyen says:

    FINALLY!!! Awesome review!! I was actually waiting for this review to come up before i made my decision to purchase this Gi or not but i just couldn’t wait any longer. I ordered it on Monday when it first arrived in Canada. Shipping took only 1 business day so I received it just on time before I went to my BJJ Class and was able to put it to the test. I completely agree with your review in all aspects and it was quite the eye catcher during my class. Again, great review!!

  3. MerlFox says:

    Don’t you know if this gi is legal in IBJJF competitions?

    • seammagear says:

      At this moment, I don’t think so. The leg embroidery is too low. Hayabusa told me they are working with IBJJF, but I haven’t heard any updates.

  4. Esther says:

    hello, do you think this gi could fit for a woman too? I love the design, I have checked may woman`s gi, but I do not like them, I do not need pink roses or etc… I would be very happy with this gi, but I am not sure.
    I am 170cm tall and 52kg, to find anything is very difficult for me (even a simple pair of jeans, or just a dress :-) so it is not an easy decision…
    So if you have any recommendation, just go ahead. thank you, e.

    • seammagear says:

      Hi Esther, yes it could fit a woman too. There’s a lady in my gym who wears an A0. Going by your height and weight though, an A1 might be a little baggy on the chest, while an A0 might be short on the sleeves and pants. I’m your height and the A1 fits just about right on me, so maybe A0 might be better if you want a snug fit?

      • Esther says:

        good morning,
        thank you for your reply; i am still hesitating between A0 and A1, but this week I will try on some A1 gi-s (on the bjj class I will ask who wears that and I can borrow for a minute, I cannot try A0 because no one has any)
        my only concern regarding A0 is the length on the sleeves and pants – it was my biggest concern with the Atama Women’s Mundial #9 White based on the given feedbacks it is short too. Thank you again and have a nice day.

        • seammagear says:

          Hope you find out what fits, and do share it back here! Is there a store in your area that you can try, or an online store with an exchange policy?

          • Esther says:

            good afternoon,
            i figured out that my size is A0, because it is better to have a shorter one – based on my height – than a much bigger, due my weight

            but I cannot have this gi, because it is not sold in Hungary, and if I order it from the US I have to pay VAT and TAX (gi 200USD+shipment 40USD) VAT 10%, TAX 25%… so approximately the total cost would be 324 USD, and it is too much for my very first gi, although I am fully in love with this gi :-) so I put it into my `future plan` box.

          • seammagear says:

            That’s really expensive! Why don’t you try asking some of the guys based in Europe? I’m pretty sure there are retailers in the UK at the very least. Meerkatsu is based in Europe, and I think Grappling Addict is based in Denmark.

  5. susan audit says:

    Could you let me know the contact info for the manufacturer. We just purchased this gi for my son. The gi was washed twice and the stings on the pants are coming apart (kind of like how shoe stings shred). Just wanted to contact them about it.

  6. shane says:

    would this gi top hold up in judo?

    • seammagear says:

      Hey buddy, not so sure as I don’t train Judo, but it holds up fine for the take downs we do in BJJ, and the material itself feels pretty tough, so I reckon it should be OK.

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  8. BJJNewbie says:

    Hi! I just bought the hayabusa A4 gi, im wondering if i bought the right one. Im 6’0” but i weigh 108 KG will this be alright or do i have to modify it? If so, how?

    • seammagear says:

      Hi, if you’ve already bought it, just try it on and see if it fits. The gi doesn’t shrink much, so if it’s too large exchange it for a size down.

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  10. Rolan chris Nolasco says:

    Hello want to ask the same question with the right gi size im5’5 but I weigh 190. I’m thinking if I base it more on wt, I’m going to have one baggy gi. Any suggestions?

    • seammagear says:

      To be honest, I think you’re gonna end up with either a baggy gi or a short gi. That said, the gi is already a little loose on the chest, so you might be able to get away with following somewhere near your height instead of weight. Are you able to try out the gi in person somewhere? That’d be the best.

  11. jonathan orellana says:

    i have two questions 1 i was reading one of the questions and wondered what about the top can you use it for competition? and my second question is I’m 5’6 and weigh 220lbs i have wide shoulders and I’m debating wether to get a3 or a4 any suggestions?

    • seammagear says:

      I believe this one is not legal for competition, but the newer two designs here are legal. If you’re asking about whether a ripstop top is legal for competition, from my understanding, as long as it’s made from cotton, it’s still legal.

      My typical problem is with gis being to baggy or too short for me, which is opposite of your conundrum, so I’m afraid I can’t advice as well. But given your height, you might wanna try an A3 first, and change it for A4 only if it doesn’t work? The sleeves and pants will be really long on you though.

  12. DamianBJJFan says:

    i was thinking about buying this gi i need a review from a person who owns this and if its worth the money and whats so good about it or possibly whats the besr gi to get money dosent play a role.

  13. Nicolas says:

    I have just bought a pro jiu jitsu gi from hayabusa (size a2) and it is great. i weight 186 lbs approximately. I thought that a3 would be good but it is too baggy. The only thing i noticed is that the pants are quite tight probably because i have strong legs and also because i am used to my other kimono (contract killer) which has a loose fit.
    Nice kimono!

  14. cody says:

    i have i koral A3 right now im 5’12 and 255 pounds the koral A3 pearl fits me perfect so im trying to figure out if i need a A3 or a A4 i dont want it too big or too small also im losing weight too so i got to think about that too

    • seammagear says:

      Man, I’m not sure, haven’t tried a Koral. If I’m not wrong, the Korals are smaller though, so there’s no need to size up for this.

  15. Alex says:

    I just bought an A3, I’m 5’7” . I’m goin to take it to the tailor, I used to lift weights so the one for my height is A2, but since I’m a little built up it is very tight on the chest. I wash it a couple of times but it did’nt shrink at all.
    I’m taking it to a guy that makes suits, not just any tailor, I do’nt want to loose any of the form of the uniform or the Tapping inside the sleeve, so a profesional taylor is required, i’ve had a bad experience with a previous gi I took to a regular taylor that only fixes pant lenght. My personal choice is to pay a little more but have it done right. If I remember i’ll write again after i have it fixed.

  16. Steve says:

    Hi, I use mine for judo training and found it’s fantastic. It’s alot lighter than my other gi’s. It really stands up to alot of punishment.

  17. Andrew says:

    Pants are poorly stitched at the crotch in the stretch fabric. Lasted 6 training sessions before falling apart. Not very good!!

  18. BJJFan says:

    hey, i have a quick question about sizing. i am 174cm tall and weigh in at 71kg. im not a big guy, you can tell i have a big of size in muscles, but still pretty small compared to well built guys.

    based on your experience with the a1, would a guy just a tiny bit bigger than you still fit into it well?

    or should i be going for an a2 and try to shrink it down if its too big.

    thanks heaps.

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