RVDDW Flash Double Weave Gi Review


RVDDW, short for Reversal.Dogi.Design.Works, is an awesome Japanese MMA brand with an eccentric fashion sense, which you no doubt would have noticed by now. I believe they’re a sub-brand of Isami, and aren’t exactly the most accessible brand out of Japan. Anyway, I couldn’t pass up the chance to get one of these when the opportunity came knocking, and kept it as a little present for my blue belt.

Official Specs:

  • Limited edition Gi made in Japan
  • Double weave Jiu-Jitsu Gi made of premium fabrics Sashiko (top of jacket) and Diamond (bottom of jacket)
  • Feels very soft and light on the body
  • Jacket and pants have a loose cut to provide freedom of movement
  • Made in Saitama, Japan.


Where do I even start? The yellow lightning bolts? The purple gi? The logos and the embroideries? This gi is made to assault your senses.

When I first saw it, I decided I had to get it for the purple, although the yellow bolts keep me hesitating for quite a bit. Not the best colour match in my opinion, but hey, it screams ‘flashy’ out loud, and I guess it serves its purpose. If you can’t see clearly from the photos, the yellow threads are actually a little shiny. Talk about bling!

Both shoulders have the rvddw patches, while the Reversal logo and Jujitsu kanji are embroidered on the left side, and another patch with flags is sewn on the right side. They’ve also decided to screen print rvddw along the collar, and competidor on the back. I was afraid this would scrape off easily at first, but it has held pretty well so far.

Alas, the pants is spared the flash of lightning bolts, with only a relatively modest screen printed rvddw text along the front of the left pant leg, and the Reversal logo on the right butt.

The purple itself is a darker shade, and does not come across as feminine for the more conscious guys. So far, the colour shows no sign of fading.

If the purple is too gaudy for you, there’s also black with yellow lightning bolts, or white with red lightning bolts. In fact, the white set even comes with an option for white pants or dark red pants. I’ve seen the red pants in person, and was quite tempted to get another set just for the pants.

Form & Fit

The gi follows the Isami size chart, and they go by a different system from the usual A1, A2 and so on that we’re used to for our BJJ gis. However, a size 4 roughly translates to an A1, size 5 to A2, and so on. I’ve shamelessly borrowed the size chart from chokesports.com to display here.

I simply sized myself as a size 4 based on the recommendation from a friend who has a similar built as me, and experience with Isami’s gis. You might want to compare the measurements to your own gi to see how it’ll fare in terms of fit.

The first time I put the gi on, I was dismayed by how baggy it was on me. The sleeve length was perfect, reaching up just nice to my wrists, but the chest area was way too baggy for my liking. The pants was also a little long. Fortunately, they shrank a little after several cold washes, and fit somewhat better. The top is still a little baggy, but I can live with it for now.

Here’s a quick pre and post wash comparison chart.

Gi Top
Sleeve to Sleeve
Chest width
Gi length (collar to skirt)
Arm width (at armpits)
Cuff width (at sleeves)
Gi Pants
Pant width
Pant length
Cuff width (at leg)


The gi is a double weave, with so called sashiko stitching on the top half of the gi, and diamond for the bottom half. It’s actually very soft and comfortable, though a tad warmer than the thinner gis. While I enjoyed wearing it for training, so did my training partners enjoy grabbing it and holding on to me!

I’m not a big fan of the pants though, it’s a little too thick and baggy for my preference, and slips a little during training. The drawstring is a flat cloth drawstring that I don’t fancy, and one of the 4 loops is coming off slightly already.

For those particular about the collar, it’s slightly thicker than the Storm Typhoon and close to the Tatami Estilo. It’s also quite soft and easy to grab. Because of the looser cut, the collar tends to open up easily and I find my training partners reaching in deep to get good grips.

In terms of durability, this gi holds up pretty good. There’s reinforcement where you’d expect them, although they’ve done the armpits a little different from the other gis I’ve seen.


Besides navigating the impossible Japanese website and short of flying to Japan to get the gi itself, the only other place I know of online is through chokesports. They retail for a whopping US $230 (SGD $295) there, not including shipping.

Is it worth it for a gi? On most days, I’d say no. But on the rare days that you’re looking for a unique looking gi, and feel that all the stares you’ll be getting is well worth the lightness in your pockets, then maybe you might consider it. Otherwise, there’re are cheaper alternatives out there.


The RVDDW Flash gi is a badass looking gi that’s extremely comfortable and soft. However, the baggy cut and unique look may not be for everyone, especially when you consider the price tag.

All comments in the review are my own personal opinion. Prices provided in brackets are merely for reference and are based on exchange rates at the time of writing.

If you like this review and found it helpful, please post a comment or let the company or retailer know too. Should you decide to purchase them online, you might want to consult theĀ online buying guide for advice.

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7 Responses to RVDDW Flash Double Weave Gi Review

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  2. Mike says:

    did the gi shrink well?

    • seammagear says:

      Still too baggy for me. You can check out the measurements on the chart for pre and post wash.

      • Mike says:

        I checked the measurements, apparently I fall under a2harf, but the Gi is too big for me and I’m still hoping it will shrink. How much did yours shrink?

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