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Hayabusa Lightweight Uwagi Jacket Review


From the makers of quality MMA gear comes some cool looking streetwear, the Hayabusa Lightweight Uwagi jacket, an update and lighter version of the original Uwagi jacket.

Official Specs:

  • Made with 100% treated high tenacity cotton fabric
  • Pre-Shrunk and wear tested for maximum durability
  • Full Zip front, front pockets, and lined body
  • All over embroidery including Hayabusa Logo and accented Kanjis
  • Double reinforced seams for perfect fit and ultimate comfort


The jacket comes in black, with bright red stitching to form the Hayabusa word logo across the chest, and the vertical row of Kanji behind. The back also features a more subtle design motif stitched in black thread. Personally, I love how the red stands out in a strong contrast against the black, and looks darn sexy.

Since all the designs are embroidered on, there's little worry of the designs fading or peeling. The jacket also offers a different look from your usual jackets thanks to the use of gi-like material.

Form & Fit

From personal experience, Hayabusa tops tend to run a little large on my smaller frame. As expected, the jacket was a little baggy even in the S size, though I was hoping it'd shrink down a little after a couple of washes. I've only done cold washes and don't have a dryer, so the shrinkage is minimal, but still better than nothing.

Zipped up, the jacket reaches all the way down past my hips, a little longer than how I'd like it, but still pretty easy to move around and sit down without it getting in the way. The sleeves reach my knuckles when fully stretched out, but the cuffs are slightly elastic, stopping it from sliding past my wrist most times. I usually like my sleeves a little long like this, perfect for hiding the hands when it's really cold.

There's also drawstrings at the bottom of the jacket for tightening it around your waist/hips. Not really useful for me, and I find it the strings a little too long even when completely loosened. This creates the effect of something swishing around my hips when I'm out and about.

The feel of the jacket material against the skin takes a little getting used to. It's nowhere as rough as your regular gis, but it's still a little rougher than the fleece and soft cotton sweaters I'm used to. That said, it gets softer and more comfortable after a couple of washes.


While I've not had the original Uwagi jacket, the main difference with this lightweight version would most obviously be its weight. Comparing it to a couple of other items I have lying around, it is similar in weight to the Gameness Pearl gi top, and slightly lighter than my Venum hoodie. The other difference would be a lack of a hood in this model.

The jacket itself is not very thick, so don't expect to use it as a winter jacket. However, it does a great job keeping warm in cool weather and air-conditioned environments, though the reason I sport this jacket is more for the looks than the warmth. Especially in the mostly sunny side of this tropical island, the jacket will not be suitable for outdoor wear unlike some of the other summer jackets we have around here, and will mostly see indoors use for me.

There are two front pockets that run pretty deep, and are great for putting some small items that you want easy access to. The zipper is the larger, heavy duty sort, and will last for quite a while. In fact, the weave of the jacket and the material all seem pretty tough and won't be wearing out anytime soon. You could probably pull an Ezekiel or gi choke with this should you really desire to.


Retailing at an official price of US $134.99 (SGD $177), this jacket doesn't exactly come cheap. While I'm not an expert when it comes to comparing jacket prices, this is easily the price of a new gi. But if you can drop the cash for this, you'll definitely not be disappointed with the quality and design of the jacket. You can get this from Budovideos in the US.


The Hayabusa Lightweight Uwagi Jacket is a good looking jacket that is as much fashion as it is function, and it'll definitely raise an eyebrow or two when going out with it. Just keep the bank balance in mind before checking this baby out.

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