Sprawl ExoCage MMA Fight Shorts Review


Despite having a number of fight shorts in the midst, Sprawl decided to come up with a hybrid MMA-athletic shorts. Odd choice considering that you can cross train just as well in any other pair of fight shorts, and the official pricing is quite close to the older generation fight shorts. That said, I consider this a pair of ‘budget’ shorts as you will see later.

Official Specs:

  • Designed for all facets of cross training including running, lifting, sparring or just hanging out
  • Convenient media/phone pocket and a cargo pocket for key’s, money and ID
  • Made of lightweight stretch fabric and with an adjustable low profile waistband


Nothing special about the design, in fact, the colour looks a little dull for the black ones I have. It also comes in an Urban Camo design.

Form & Fit

The sizes for this pair of shorts comes in S(28-30), M(32-34), L(34-38) and XL(38 and up). Naturally, I selected small before I even read the sizing chart. This pair feels significantly looser and the waistband is more elastic than the Fusion series, and is closer to the older GripFlex in terms of sizing.

Since small caters up to a waist size of 30, it’ll definitely need tightening for the smaller waist sizes like mine. Fortunately, the drawstring does an adequate task of securing the shorts. There’s a velcro strap as well, but I usually don’t bother with them.

While the length of this pair of shorts reaches my knees and is long by my standards, I’m not as bothered due to the lightness of the material and the fact that I use it more for running and hanging out than actual training.


The shorts is made from the same stretch fabric on the other Sprawl fight shorts, but feels somewhat lighter for this model. Even without the flex panel and split seems, the stretch material allows it to be a fairly comfortable pair of shorts, and I love wearing this pair out for a run. The cut is slightly tapered towards the legs unlike split seams that tend to flare, so there’s no irritating swishing of the shorts when running.

The other key reason I bought this pair of shorts (besides price) is for the pockets. Yes, pockets. While most people will argue against the need for pockets on a pair of fight shorts since they only wear them in the gym and training, I beg to differ. Besides being quite expensive, fight shorts are also quite comfortable, and I like to make the most of my money by wearing them everywhere even when I’m not training. The pockets are great for keeping my keys and cash when I go for an evening run or grocery shopping.

Considering this is my most worn pair of shorts, they’re still looking in pretty good shape, so I must say this a durable pair of shorts worth investing for daily use.


Officially, this pair of shorts cost US$ 49.50 (SGD$ 64). However, they are available on the official Sprawl site at a closeout price of US$ 16.50 for the black pair. It is also fairly easy to find cheap offers on eBay even after shipping is included, although these offers are a little luck dependent and inconsistent. Regardless, you’ll find these pair to be available at a much cheaper street price than the average fight shorts and are the perfect budget shorts.


For a pair of everyday shorts that is suitable for MMA training as well, this shorts is bang for buck if you can snag one on the cheap. I mean, how many fight shorts have pockets where you actually need them? (ie. not hidden on the inside of the waistband and reachable only by the anorexic.)

All comments in the review are my own personal opinion. Prices provided in brackets are merely for reference and are based on exchange rates at the time of writing.

If you like this review and found it helpful, please post a comment or let the company or retailer know too. Should you decide to purchase them online, you might want to consult the online buying guide for advice.

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