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Jaco Resurgence Fight Shorts Review


Jaco produces a number of slick-looking gear, and this pair of shorts is one of them! The first time I saw them, I told myself I had to get a pair for the clean and minimalistic design, and the impressive list of features. Despite a few shortcomings, this pair of shorts remains my favourite because it fits the bill for almost everything I'd expect from a pair of fight shorts.

Official Specs:

  • Ultra-durable STR-X™ fabric that stretches effortlessly in all directions and wicks perspiration rapidly
  • Patent-pending compression waist-tightening system that can be tightened without creating “scrunching or cinching” around the waist while providing a comfortable, no-slip fit
  • Internal stretch pocket located at the bottom of the shorts’ leg opening so that you don’t have to untie your shorts every time you want to stow your mouthguard.
  • Fly backing panel construction to prevent rubbing and chafing from the fly’s hook and loop material.
  • Raised “Tenacity” Icon Logo on the rear, center of waistband (patent-pending).


The Resurgence fight shorts comes in 4 colours, black, white, olive green and brown, though the last two are limited stock options from what I've been told. There's also the options with flags although those aren't really my flavour. My first pair was brown, and it looks just great in real life. The material has a slight shiny sheen, making the colours look rich and bright.

There are several heat transfer vinyl logos on the front and back of the shorts, most notably at the bottom left where there's the Japanese kanji for Jujitsu and an angel-like motif on the inside of the shorts at the cup area. There's also a Tenacity logo stitched onto the back of the waistband.

While it all looks lovely at first, the problem is that the vinyl logos don't last. After the first wash in the machine (cold as instructed), there was a little peeling of the angel motif on the inside of the shorts. I had to iron it back. There are also cracks on Tenacity vinyl logo on the back of the shorts, and I expect it's only a matter of time before they all eventually wear out or peel off.

I've seen a well-worn pair in my gym that has most of the front Jaco letterings come off. If you're the fussy sort, this will definitely be a sticking point. I managed to get over it and just enjoy the rest of the shorts.

Form & Fit

While the smallest size available is 30, these fit perfect on a 28 like me. The waistband system here is non-elastic, relying mainly on the drawstring for adjustments. As the shorts fit quite snug and tight, you might want to consider sizing up if you're not sure of your size.

With no elastic band, this pair of shorts need quite a wiggle dance to pull them up, and even lazy old me gives up occasionally and undoes the velcro strap. Once securely worn though, these are the most comfortable pair of shorts I've ever tried. They fit snugly around the hip without slipping, and there's no tightening elastic band to cause the occasional discomfort. The material is very smooth and light, you hardly feel it's there at all!

The shorts are cut quite short compared to other fight shorts, so this might not be for everybody, especially taller guys. On me, it comes up to slightly less than one hand's width from my knees, which are where I love it! Any longer makes me conscious of the shorts when kicking.


The entire fabric is made of super stretchy, soft, and light material, making it a delight to wear. Imagine taking the crotch panel from a regular pair of fight shorts and using that to make the entire shorts. If you like that thought, you'll love this shorts!

It features split seams as well, and there's great mobility with this pair of shorts. Most of the time you hardly even notice it's there! With the slim cut, you don't feel like you're wearing baggy shorts to training.

There's a little pocket located intelligently at the bottom of the shorts, meaning no need to unstrap your shorts or take a deep breath before plunging your hand into the inside pocket that is located at the waistband for some shorts.

I use this pair of shorts mostly for stand up fighting, though I suspect it might not hold up that well to groundwork. After one session where I was struggling to pull my shorts off (yes I know, not the most intelligent thing to do), there was a loud tearing sound, and several threads at the side seams of the shorts came off. With more vigorous movements during groundwork, there's a chance that more of the seams might come apart before the material itself even tears.

However, apart from that little mishap and the cracked logos, the shorts remains in great condition after months of use.


This awesome pair of shorts cost US$ 60 (SGD$ 77), shipping not inclusive, placing it in the average price range of all the other brand name fight shorts out there. Given that fight shorts are not all that cheap, this is one pair worth investing in.

Getting this pair of shorts was a little more difficult, as I encountered billing problems with the official store, while the Australian retailer had limited stock and exorbitant prices. (Seriously, I swear it's much cheaper to get stuff direct from the States despite being halfway across the globe than from Aussie, even though it's right in our backyard. Shipping inclusive.) eBay was the eventual solution, though I was hard-pressed to find a decent bargain.

The alternative is Budovideos if you're ordering multiple items from them to save on shipping.


If you can overlook some of the shortcomings, this pair of shorts outshines other shorts in its class for comfort  and technology, making it well worth its cost. That said, the length and material choice is a little different and may not be for everyone.

All comments in the review are my own personal opinion. Prices provided in brackets are merely for reference and are based on exchange rates at the time of writing.

If you like this review and found it helpful, please post a comment or let the company or retailer know too. Should you decide to purchase them online, you might want to consult the online buying guide for advice.

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