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Jaco Men’s Walkout T-shirt Review


Jaco has a fairly clean look to most of its designs, and this basic T-shirt is a great piece if you like their style.

Official Specs:

  • 100% ultra-ringspun cotton
  • Uniquely soft feel that is comfortable in all seasons
  • Embellished with 100% water-based inks that are both breathable and durable
  • Slim-Fit. The fit is tighter than a regular t-shirt as the body and arms are cut narrower


Sometimes, simple is best. This Jaco tee does an excellent job of looking good without having a mish-mash of colours and graphics. It's the perfect shirt for expressing your MMA lifestyle without having to scream it in anyone's face.

Unfortunately, it only comes in two colours, black and white. Jaco also has the Tenacity T-shirt line that has more colours, but personally, I prefer this one for the smaller Tenacity logo across the front, the Jaco words on the shoulders (not present on the Tenacity line), and the light brown colour of the words and logo which blends nicely instead of a contrasting white.

It's a basic tee, but somehow it manages to look stylish and classy all at once.

Form & Fit

When they say slim fit, they really mean slim fit! This shirt at S is a little small on me. Now that's rare! The shirt is a little narrow at the shoulders, so the seams come a few fingers' width up my shoulders. The chest and body fits just fine though, and hugs the body slightly without feeling too tight.

The shirt itself is cut straight and long, reaching a hand's width past my hip, despite being fitting on the upper body. This gives the illusion of length, great for making a short guy like me look a little taller.

However, the shirt doesn't feel nearly as comfortable as some of my other cotton tees. While it's thin and light, it still feels a little warm somedays, and doesn't seem to absorb perspiration that well.


The shirt holds up pretty well to washes. No fading of colours and just a little wear.


Going officially for US $30 (SGD $39) a piece, this might be a little pricey for a basic cotton tee when compared to regular tee shirts. That said, the price is fairly reasonable when you look at how much other MMA brands are going for.


Basic tee that's great for wearing out while still remaining stylish and understated.

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