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Hayabusa Shiai Fight Shorts Review


Hayabusa has produced quite a number of fight shorts with various designs and colour options such as the cool looking Mizuchi range and the older Kyoudo range, but they are essentially the same in terms of product features. That said, when it's a Hayabusa, I've come to expect high quality products, and the Shiai doesn't disappoint.

Official Specs:

  • Designed with Mechanical PolyDirectional™ stretch fabric
  • Innovative tie system with indestructible webbing for a distinct customized fit
  • Pro Performance stretch panel and split side seams for unrestricted range of motion
  • Contains Hayabusa's exclusive Guardlock™ inner grip waistband system
  • Reinforced T3 stitching for ultimate strength and durability
  • Extraordinary High-IQ™ odor inhibiting effects.


Currently, there are three colours for the Shiai range. The original gray pictured above, and the newer black and white colours.The design for the Shiai shorts are pretty simple, basically the Hayabusa word logo printed everywhere - down the front left thigh, at the bottom of the front right thigh and left back hamstring, and another big one just below the waistband at the back.

I'm typically not a fan of shorts with brand logos in bold all over the place, but I made an exception since it was grey. I was getting bored of monotones in my closet. If you prefer other designs though, check out the Mizuchi and Kyoudo range.

The logos are printed on, which makes me wonder if they will fade or wear with use. However, it's still pretty much intact after a few months of use.

Form & Fit

While I wear a size 28 when I'm feeling vain, the smallest size Hayabusa has for their fight shorts is 30. These are just a bit loose on the waist, but fortunately I have wide child-bearing hips. Just kidding. I wear them slightly above the hips instead, and they hardly slip because of the features below.

There's a drawstring for tightening the shorts, as well as a velcro strap across the front of the waistband, though I've never needed to use them. This is largely due to the elastic waistband and the grippy rubber material on the inside of the waistband as well. The are actually 4 strips of the grip material, meaning they cover a fairly large area and are excellent at preventing slip.

For most part, that means the shorts stay around my waist despite being a little loose. The grip makes it hang on more snugly than it normally would. On the rare occasion, it will shift to my hips during vigorous training, but that hardly ever happens. This is great because I don't get the constricting feeling on my stomach that occurs sometimes with tighter fight shorts or Thai shorts, and yet not have to worry about the shorts coming off.

However, the shorts is a little long for my height of 169cm, and reaches the top of my knees. While not particularly obstructive, it does make me somewhat conscious of it. It might not the most suitable if you're a smaller frame fighter.


The material for the shorts is slightly stretchy, but a little stiff. The crotch panel is made of a different elastic material, and allows for a lot more stretch and movement. While I hardly feel any inhibition in movement, the stiffness of the shorts again makes me conscious of it, especially when doing high kicks. On the plus side, the material does not absorb much moisture and remains fairly light throughout a training session.

The split on the side seams are fairly high, and while this allows for greater mobility, it does swish around like a skirt occasionally to show my sexy legs during warm-ups and intense activity. Coupled with the length, it feels a little baggy as well.

That said, the shorts are quite durable, and show no wear at all, except for one loose thread.


At the official price of US$ 68 (SGD$ 88), this pair of shorts might be a little pricey once you factor in shipping options. Fortunately, shipping costs for shorts are not as exorbitant as other heavier items like gloves, and there's always the good old eBay. If you're lucky, you might be able to find a pair for a slightly cheaper price and free shipping.

Alternatively, you can get your pair from Budovideos.


Hayabusa products tend to be top-notch in quality, and this one is no different. Unfortunately, the cutting may not be the best for smaller guys, depending on how much minor inconveniences you're willing to live with. At the price tag, you're paying for a quality product, but you might want to consider other brands that offer a better fit.

All comments in the review are my own personal opinion. Prices provided in brackets are merely for reference and are based on exchange rates at the time of writing.

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