Hayabusa Pro Handwraps Review


Hayabusa produces one of the most complete range of MMA gear, including the humble handwraps! These are Mexican style wraps, and are elastic.

Official Specs:

  • Unique cotton blend for maximum comfort and perfect elasticity
  • Top quality construction and fabric
  • Direct embroidered logo
  • 180″ Length


The handwraps come either in black or red, with the Hayabusa logo near the end of the velcro strap. Basic handwrap design, but the colour choices offer an alternative. The red is actually much deeper in person though closer to blood red.

Word of caution with red handwraps, their colours run easily. I made the mistake of soaking mine in a bucket with other stuff, and the red came off almost immediately, turning the Hayabusa words pink. There also seems to be some unevenness in the dyeing process, as there are marks and areas with slightly lighter colours.

Of course, all these are minor issues as the main purpose of handwraps are functional, rather than aesthetics. You can always go for black to be safe.

Form & Fit

Generally with handwraps, they are one size fits all. However, there are always exceptions, and these pair fit better on bigger hands than mine.

The handwraps have a larger width of about 5.5cm compared to my Fairtex and Everlast handwraps which are 5cm. This may not seem like much, but it makes a big difference in feel, as there is much more overlap when wrapping around my hands. Moreover, the material feels slightly thicker than regular wraps, so the two work out to give me an extra bulky feeling when I wrap my hands up.

The texture of the wraps are also different, they are more rough, though by no means uncomfortable. The roughness seems to help reduce slip better, as the wraps don’t loosen up as much during training. They are also very elastic! I have to be careful not to stretch them too tight or I’ll lose blood circulation after wrapping. The combination of these two factors allow for super tight wraps that stay tight for a long time.

At 180″, this should be long enough to cover most hands. For smaller hands, you just have to wrap more around the wrist or knuckles, so length is seldom an issue. One surprising thing though, was that my handwraps had different lengths, one side was longer than the other. I have never encountered this before, and did not expect this out of a quality brand like Hayabusa.


The thickness of the wraps combined with the larger width and 180″ length meant that there was excellent protection for the knuckles. However, the material isn’t all that breathable, and it can get a little warm. The elasticity ensures that while it’s tight, there’s still room for movement.

I’m not too happy with the velcro system though. While the velcro strap is a robust strip that fills almost the entire width of the wrap instead of a thin strip found on some wraps, the length of the loop patch falls a little short. For some reason, I always end up with the end of the handwrap barely touching the loop patch, which means it can come undone with any accidental brushing of the strap. That’s a small problem that could have easily been fixed by lengthening the loop patch!

Given the thickness of the material, this pair of wraps will not wear out as quickly as the softer and thinner wraps on the market. Expect these to last for a while.


Officially going for US $7.99 (SGD $11), they are priced decently for a pair of Mexican style wraps. Given that handwraps are not all that expensive, I’d suggest forking out that extra dollar or two for quality wraps such as these. Given shipping costs, these are best bought together with other products to reduce costs, or hunt for the free shipping dealers on eBay.

If you’re in the States though, you can get it from Budovideos.


These are great if you have bigger hands or need more knuckle protection. Handwrap prices don’t differ much between brands, so go for what suits you best in terms of style and colour.

All comments in the review are my own personal opinion. Prices provided in brackets are merely for reference and are based on exchange rates at the time of writing.

If you like this review and found it helpful, please post a comment or let the company or retailer know too. Should you decide to purchase them online, you might want to consult the online buying guide for advice.

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  1. uly says:

    Ive found these to be far too thick for my own tastes. It is very difficult to wrap them in such a way that they are not too loose and start coming off during training, or too tight that when it gets sweaty they cut off the blood flow in my hands.

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