Hayabusa Mizuchi Long Sleeve Rashguard Review


As a refresh of their existing products, Hayabusa has released a spate of new colour options for some of their more popular lines, including the Mizuchi rashguards. Now you can get the dragon motif on a white background! Hayabusa rashguards are high quality and top-notch, though the quality comes with a cost.

Official Specs:

  • Based on Hayabusa’s top selling Haburi Rashguard, the Mizuchi Rashguard sports the same advanced features and custom fit and adds a fiber-fused Japanese-inspired design that is sure to get noticed!
  • Antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Sophisticated thermoregulation to wick away sweat, keeping the body dry and muscles warm
  • The ultimate in rashguard engineering ensures maximum performance during each training session
  • Fibre-fused logos guarantees uncompromised durability


If you’ve been eyeing the Hayabusa Mizuchi range for awhile now, you’ll agree with me the dragon motif is one cool looking design. Initially, it was only available in black with white lettering and motif. But they’ve recently released a reversed colour version of this popular rashguard, and it sure looks awesome. Intimidate and awe your training partners as you pound down your submissions on them. Even if you lose, we can still look good losing right?

Being fiber fused, the prints will not fade anytime soon. However, the black design looks a little faded and not as deep black as in the photos. I’m not sure if this is intentional, a defect on my piece, or an inherent problem with the printing process. Either way, it does not look as crisp as the black version with white prints. That still doesn’t take away major points from this design, it just comes down to personal preference on how you like your prints.

Interestingly, there is a variant to this batch of white rashguards. If you look at the official Hayabusa website, it features black side panels. However, my piece is totally white. So do make a note to the seller if you’re particular about this.

And yes, they come in both long sleeve and short sleeve versions, though the review is for the long sleeve version. If this dragon design is too much for you to stomach, they also have the older Haburi version which is a plainer design.

Form & Fit

Initially, I was hesitant to get a piece of this badass rashguard, as a friend who was bigger sized than me wore an S as well. After taking the plunge though, it seemed like S was still manageable for me after all.

Since I like my rashguards snug but not overly tight, the Hayabusa rashguard fit my preferences somewhat. It was snug on the arms, a little tight on the shoulders and armpits, and just right on the chest. That meant that the rashguard was cut more for bigger chested guys, or I had some serious weight lifting to do.

In fact, the rashguard is wider at the chest area and narrows down as it goes to the waist, so this will bring out the physique for you V-shaped guys. On the flip side, beer bellies might need to size up. Just kidding, that’s what the stretch in the material is for right?

Length of the sleeves go past my wrist, so there’s some slight bunching of material on the wrist when I pull it on, but no big deal as it the cuff is pretty snug and doesn’t allow the material to roll up or down. The material reaches down one full hand past my hip.

The rashguard does loosen slightly after several washes, making it more comfortable for me on the shoulders and armpits.


This is a great rashguard that feels lightweight and unrestrictive. It’s highly efficient at wicking away moisture, keeping me fairly dry and cool throughout the training session. As mentioned, the sleeves do not roll, and it does not ride up to my stomach either. The rashguard feels fairly thin, and is great for wearing under the gi as you don’t really feel like you’re wearing an extra layer.

Flatlock seams and Raglan sleeves are pretty much standard features. It also features 8 panels if I’m counting correctly. The side panels are split into lower and upper halves to accommodate the wider chest and narrower waist cut mentioned earlier.

Not sure how much difference the anti-microbial treatment makes since I don’t leave my gear around to grow a life of its own, but the rest of the technology put into this rashguard makes it an extremely comfortable piece to wear. Except for some colour stains from mixing my laundry, it still looks as good as new despite many sessions.


This badass rashguard will set you back US$ 59.99 (SGD$ 77) without shipping. The short sleeved version costs US$ 5 less. While it is in the upper price ranges of rashguards, it’s still a pretty decent investment if you have the cash. This rashguard will last you good long time, and you won’t want to go back to some of the cheaper, non-grappling rashguards once you’ve tried this.

Hayabusa is a fairly accessible brand, and you can get one from Budovideos.


If you’re looking for good quality and cool looking rashguards, invest in a set or two of these, and you’re pretty much done. Price may not be for everyone, but good rashguards come at a cost.

All comments in the review are my own personal opinion. Prices provided in brackets are merely for reference and are based on exchange rates at the time of writing. <

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