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Adidas Budo Rash Top Review


Another offering from Adidas as an alternative to the MMA rashguards. I believe this was designed more as a general purpose top than grappling specific, but it fulfills some of the basic rashguard requirements and may be a little more accessible than brand name rashguards.

Official Specs:

  • Tight fitting black rash top
  • Short sleeve with white adidas stripes
  • "Budo Spirit" logo in Chinese characters on chest
  • 100% polyester


The first time I saw it, I thought it looked pretty good. All black, with the words Budo on the chest. Simple, yet stylish. They have a white version as well, but trust me, for some reason that one looks ugly. There's also the same Budo words in small print on the back of the shirt. The Adidas three stripes are embroidered on the sleeves, and the logo is embroidered as well.

Unfortunately, the Budo words are heat transferred, and cracked pretty quickly after a few washes. In fact, the front words melted against each other and I had to pull them apart! That's really too bad, as the words were the reason I bought this top in the first place.

Form & Fit

The cutting for this top fits Asian sizes, so I needed an M size to wear it comfortably. It fits on just right, a little snug, but not tight. This is a consideration due to the high collar, which may not be for everyone. I was a little uncomfortable initially with the choking feeling as well, though I got used to it eventually. Feels like you're permanently on the verge of a collar choke.

The sleeves are cut very short, covering just my shoulder and reaching slightly onto my biceps, while the body goes just past my hips.

The material loosens up more than I expected after the first wash, but didn't loosen much beyond that in subsequent washes.


Not the most comfortable rash top I've had, in part due to the material being more stretch resistant even though it's fairly elastic. You can feel some resistance in certain planes of movements.It also feels thicker than my other rashguards and soaks up a lot of moisture. I can squeeze sweat out of this one after a training session. To be fair, it never claimed to have moisture wicking properties, although I've come to expect that out of any rash top.

It does feature flatlock seams and Raglan sleeves though, but is a 4 panel piece, lacking the side panels that most proper rashguards have. This probably contributes to the feeling of movement restriction as well.

The high collar can be a make or break for this one. After I got used to it, I appreciated the fact that it covered my neck and prevented gi burns from the gi collars. In fact, I noticed immediately how much more comfortable it was to have the gi collar not resting on my neck when I put on the gi. That said, it's a trade-off between the discomfort of the high collar versus the gi collar. Most days, I can live with the gi collar.

The material has started to show some slight scuff marks from wear, and I have not been using it all that frequently. Not too sure how this piece will fair in the long term.


The rash top is available locally and costs SGD$ 58 (US$ 45). This is much cheaper than other rashguard options, and offers the opportunity to try it on before purchase. With rashguard fits being hit and miss most times, this might be a tempting option for those who want a rashguard but don't want to take a risk. Being an Adidas product, it might also be more easily available in your local area.


It's not a first choice product that I'd recommend due to its dubious quality and comfort. Go for it if you need something in the interim. But if you have something else available within reach, you might want to give this a miss instead.

All comments in the review are my own personal opinion. Prices provided in brackets are merely for reference and are based on exchange rates at the time of writing.

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